your wedding day

A walk through of your wedding day with Kortney Boyett


01. arrival

When we arrive at your wedding venue, we will begin by capturing the environment. These photos are necessary because it shows the setting your guests first see when they arrive. You will look back and be able to remember if was a sunny day or if it was a cloudy day, if the trees were full and lush or if it was the middle of a crisp, fall day. These memories will remind you of the feelings you had on your wedding day.

02. Details

Whether you purchased your shoes brand new or wore your grandmothers pearls, your personality is infused in your details. Your details can include anything from your invitation and flowers to your jewelry and perfume, and anything in between.

03. Getting Ready

The laughter, crying, and the talks about when y'all first met are some of the sweetest times you will have with your best friends on your wedding day. We love to sneak in and capture these moments with your best friends. And we don't forget about the groom and his best guys! From the cheers and the shots to the tears and talks, it's all special to remembering your day. 

04. Bride gets dressed

The moment your mother has always dreamed of being a part of, zipping your dress and putting on all those final touches. The anticipation and emotion is so real during this time. Your mom, grandmother, and bridesmaids are so excited. They dreamed of this moment as much as you have.

05. First Look

Yes, a first look does allow you to get all your pictures out of the way so you can head straight to the party after the ceremony, but a first look has way more importance than that. The moment he sees you for the first time he actually gets to tell you how beautiful you are and admire your dress. Not only that, but you get to have private, uninterrupted moment together.

06. Wedding party

Wedding Party photos will include a variety of group and individual photos with both the bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are the people who have always been there for you and cheered on your relationship from the very beginning. 

07. Ceremony

All of the moments during the ceremony are so special and when you look back on these photos and videos you will remember that moment you repeated the wrong words after the officiant and everyone started laughing or when your now husband decided he needed to kiss you not once but three times.

08. Family

Family photos can be one of the most stressful times on the wedding day. Everyone wants to congratulate you and give you hugs, all while in your head you just want family photos to be over. I prepare you in advance to make sure these photos go as smoothly as possible by creating a family photo list and having a point person to help direct family members. 

09. Reception

The fun begins! From the first dance to the cake cutting to the wobble, all those sweet and fun moments will be captured. We will even grab group photos of your guests so you can remember who was at your wedding!

10. Sunset photos

Sunset photos allow us to go to locations at the venue that we may not have had time to go to during your first look. Also, the light is so perfect!

11. Exit

If you will be exiting at night, sparklers are the best option as they add extra light. Just remember to have fun with your exit and end the night with some excitement!