Camera Strap for Wedding Photographers

The best camera strap for wedding photographers – Holdfast Money Maker

Today I am sharing the best camera strap for wedding photographers! I have used the Holdfast Money Maker at 5 weddings so far and I can not even tell you how excited I was about this camera strap. It is so important to have a great camera strap as a wedding photographer because you are wearing your strap and camera for 6-10 hours in one day. Here are three of my favorite things about the Holdfast Money Maker. 

1. The Holdfast Money Maker allows you to have two cameras on your body at all times (there is an additional add on that allows you to carry three cameras).

As a wedding photographer having to switch lenses could cause you to miss a moment. It think it is so great that I can have a wide angle on one camera and a zoom lens on another camera. One example of a moment on the wedding day that needs two different lenses is the first look. You want a wide shot of the bride walking to the groom and then quickly you need the grooms reaction with a zoom lens!

This also allows you to not have to carry a bag around with all your other lenses. I simply go back to my large equipment bag (normally kept in the bride’s suite or the reception area) and change out lenses as needed. A camera strap for wedding photographers must have the ability to lessen our load and lessen the possibility of forgetting about a bag after setting it down!

2. Shoulder and back pain is almost completely gone!

With the way the strap is designed, the weight of your gear is distributed, just like wearing a backpack rather than a purse. As a wedding photographer you are constantly on your feet which already contributes to back pain, so making sure you have a strap that helps in relieving pain in anyway is necessary!

3. Allows you to be hands free, while still having the cameras on your body.

Throughout the wedding day photographers are constantly bending down to help with the dress, holding the bouquet while walking from one location to the next, or grabbing a bottle of water because your exhausted. During all of these situations you can let go of your camera, it slides to your side, and you now have two hands to do anything!

This is by far the best camera strap for wedding photographers in my opinion!

Other really cool things to know about the Hold Fast Camera Strap:

-It’s super comfortable even though it is made out of leather!

-It is adjustable! Just like a belt, you can change the size of the strap! If you only want to wear one camera, you can make the other strap tight to secure it around your shoulder.

-The camera is secured two ways, the tripod socket on the bottom of your camera and the strap mount.

-If you like wearing your hair down like me, there is an option to have the D rings removed from the bag of the strap. The D rings allow you to clip on additional add ons. If you do not remove the D rings and wear your hair down, your hair may get snagged in the D rings.

-I am wearing the Hold Fast Money Maker Water Buffalo Leather in tan, size small, with no D rings.

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*Photographs by Beat Box Portraits

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